Tuesday, March 26, 2013

And then there were 4......

For some reason the video isn't very clear here.

In case you didn't catch Presley's quick message..... we're expanding our family! We're happy, nervous, scared. All of the above. We've gotten pretty good at this "single child" thing. Now we're crossing into unfamiliar territory with the responsibility of not one but TWO little people. Yikes!

I'm sure we'll be fine, lots of people do it and succeed right?!

How does Presley feel about this? Well depending on the day, you'll get different answers. Some days she's excited to teach the baby things and share her toys. Other days, she says she will not give up her bed for the baby and doesn't want to name it! I'm sure once it's all said and done, she'll be an amazing big sister.

She'll get to practice a little in June when my younger sister has her first baby. I'm hoping this will help her ease in to the cousin role first, experience a newborn and then make the transition to big sister that much easier. Fingers crossed.

Baby Yearout #2.... coming in September! Stay tuned for more updates.


Sarah said...

CONGRATS Ashley!!!! So excited for you guys!!