Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tummy Time

At Presley's 2 month check up the doctor told us to work with her on holding her head up better. Well in a few short weeks we've really worked with her and she's doing great! I snapped this picture the other day. I wish I knew what she was thinking here! She looks like such a big girl! 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Off to work I go....

I have been so blessed to be at home with Presley for 10 weeks now.... but it's come to an end. I went back to work 1 week ago.

I'm lucky enough to have some great parents that have agreed to watch Presley while she's little and that makes it much easier to leave her each day.

I am also lucky enough to enjoy my job and have missed the people I work with.

Thank goodness for Facebook because I can just get on there and look at pictures of her whenever I want if I start to miss her! Grandma keeps me updated as well of her "activities" each day.

It's been hard trying to get into a routine in the mornings and every day we do things a little different, hopefully at some point we'll have it down and I can actually make it to work on time!

"I look like my Daddy"....

Most people say that Presley looks like Matt.... I will agree... especially when you see these pictures! Although she does have my eye color!

P.S. Thanks to Aunt Erin for Presley's outfit!

Presley Joann - 2 months!

We had the opportunity when she was 2 months old to do a photo shoot with a local photographer. My sister Lindsey volunteered Presley to be a model for some knitted hats that are sold on and we got some free pics out of it! They turned out great!

Sleeping... (no Aunt Lindsey didn't put lip gloss on her lips... they're just shiny!)

Little Angel

Bright eyes!


Presley is growing so fast! The first 2 months just flew by. Here she is at 1 month:

Happy Easter!

We celebrated our First Easter as a family! I searched high and low for a cute little easter dress for Presley. It was much harder to find one than I thought it would be and we ended up having to buy a preemie sized dress to fit her.

We went to church with my family and then had a yummy lunch afterwards at my parents house. Presley slept though everything, including us giving her an Easter basket for the first time. I'm sure next year will be much more entertaining!

Presley Joann

Presley arrived on Tuesday, March 2nd at 1:36pm via c-section. This little girl just didn't want to make the appearance on her own so we had to go in and get her :) She weighed 7 lbs 15 oz and was 20" long. To sum it up "just perfect" which was what Matt kept repeating over and over in the delivery room. He couldn't have been more right.

Looking back on the day now it's kind of a blur and I realize now when people say time flies they aren't joking.

We had some pictures taken of Presley when she was just 24 hours old.

We were lucky enough to have most of our family there when she was born to welcome her into the world. I think she had more photos taken of her and posted on Facebook in the first few hours of her life than anyone else!

Family Update!

Ok yet again I am a bad blogger....A few months ago (before baby) I vowed that I would try to be more committed to this blog and begin to update it for friends and family after Presley was born. Well here we are almost 3 months later and the last post on here is the night before we went to the hospital. Needless to say, we're a little busy and this has fallen way down on the list of things to do. I see all my other friends with fun, frequently updated blogs and enjoy reading them... so I'm going to try this again!

Here we go.....