Monday, June 14, 2010

Tim McGraw / Lady Antebellum

We had our first official "night out" without Presley this past Friday. Of course we've left her during the day when we're at work but haven't gone out at night without her yet.

We went to the Tim McGraw & Lady Antebellum concert at the Intrust Bank Arena with my sister Lindsey and her boyfriend Shane. Lindsey bought our tickets back in February through the Lady A fan club and we didn't find out until right before the concert where out seats where. Well.... THEY WERE 12TH ROW!!! Right next to  the stage. Amazing seats. Let's just say Lindsey and I rubbed Tim's legs a few times when we walked by.  Matt even fist pumped him a couple of times. It was the best concert I'd ever been to (partially because we had such great seats). Now we're spoiled and won't ever want to sit in the cheap seats again!

Thanks to Aunt Erin for babysitting Presley while we went out for the night! It was a much needed break away from diapers and burp rags.

Here are a few pics:


Presley is lucky enough to have 2 Great-Grandma's still with us. She was even more lucky to get to see them both in one day this weekend.

Ma, who is Matt's Grandma lives near Branson, MO and was in town for the weekend. This was the first time she met Presley and she just loved her.

Next up, my Grandma Schafer came over to visit later in the afternoon. She brought Presley her first Cabbage Patch doll. Presley got quite a kick out of it.

My new friend!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

3 months!

Yesterday marked Presley's 3 month "birthday". We can't believe she's already been with us for 3 months.. time just flies. Every day with her is more fun than the last. She's getting such a personality and is on the verge of laughing.

She's almost sleeping through the night, usually waking up just once. Loves to be on her tummy and look at her toys and absolutely loves ceiling fans! They make her smile.. it's hilarious.

This photo was taken by my mom... she's always posing Presley and taking cute pictures during the day. We're so thankful she is watching Presley. I know they both have fun.