Monday, January 24, 2011

Wanted: Sleep

A good night's sleep.

Those four words haven't been in our vocabulary (at least in the same sentence) in I don't know how long.... Well at least 10 months and probably longer because I didn't sleep all that great when I was pregnant!

Let's just say we weren't blessed with a child that likes to sleep. Presley is approaching 11 months old and she has YET to sleep through the night. Okay, well there were a couple of fluke nights that she almost made it though but those don't count!

At first, I attributed it to her being a newborn, we were warned about lack of sleep right? Then, we moved into teething so I thought it was that. Now, we're in this in between phase and the sleep habits have gotten worse. Although she maybe teething again. Our pediatrician assures us that it's okay if a child doesn't sleep through the night prior to 1 yr.  My body is telling me it's NOT okay.

It's time for an intervention. Presley's bed time is getting later and later, she just wants to play, play play! Then she finally goes to sleep and wakes up every couple of hours all night long. Ugggg. We have spoiled her and rocked her or nursed her to sleep. This is probably a bad habit but it's hard not to snuggle her warm little body.

I'm not a fan of "crying it out" and neither is Matt. I don't know if I have the patience or the discipline to do it. But I'm afraid it might be our last resort. So wish us luck.... although we'll probably wait until the weekend just in case we're up alllll night long.