Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Presley's first haircut

I finally bit the bullet last night and decided to have Presley's hair cut. For the longest time she didn't have any hair and it was really hard for me to decide to cut it once it finally did start growing!

But, it was turning into a mini-mullet and a rat's nest when she would wake up in the morning so I decided it was time.

My sister, Lindsey, has been begging me for a long time to cut it. She does this for a living so I decided Presley was in good hands!

Presley was actually pretty excited and was funny the whole time.

You can really tell that big of a difference, we just evened out the back. And of course I saved a few little curls for her baby book. One more step in the direction away from baby/toddler-hood towards being a big kid! Sad. :(

She held very still! 

Little chatterbox.

Monday, October 1, 2012


As always, I've fallen behind on this little blog of mine! Seems like I post, then months fly by and I just forget. Oh well. Here's a quick update of what we've been up to since my last post in May.

This month came with a little anxiety as we knew it was when we were going to have to take Presley up to Kansas City to have surgery to repair her kidney. Long story short, all went well. It was a rough few days but she bounced back quickly! The rest of the month was spent laying low and making sure she was too active so she healed ok. (a task that was a little tricky with a 2 year old!)

July came with new expectations but this time, it was of FUN to come. Matt and I snuck away for a weekend trip to Las Vegas. This was much needed and was had a blast!!

We had a pretty low key month. Just hung out, did some swimming, house projects etc!  

Stay tuned for more detailed updates!!